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Currently Available:

Pfizer (subject to supply and eligibility criteria)


Flu Vaccines

Due to the large volume of calls, our reception staff are unable to answer each inquiry personally. PLEASE BOOK ONLINE

Please note if all our existing appointments for Pfizer vaccine are taken you can still reserve your dose and our system will text you when COVID vaccines become available

Covid-19 vaccination criteria for Pfizer

1. aged 40-59 years
2. aged 16-39 years & you are :
- All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people
- NDIS participants, and carers of NDIS participants
- Temporary visa holders who are currently in Australia and have been approved for return travel to Australia through the travel exemption process.
- Quarantine and border workers
- Health care workers
- Aged care and disability care residents and staff
- People with an underlying medical condition(see list on ) or significant disability
- Critical and high risk workers including defence, police, fire, emergency services and meat processing.

For more info & clarification re eligibility check online

Covid-19 vaccination criteria for Astra Zeneca

-All people 60+ : Astra Zeneca is recommended for this demographics.
-Patients of other ages not eligible for Pfizer currently


Appointment Bulk Billed. Government funded vaccines are free for eligible patients. Private vaccines $20.

Making a booking
Due to the number of vaccinations required over a short time frame, we are working on automating the booking process as much as possible. Bookings will be taken via our online booking system
You may access this via our website, or by downloading automed systems App to your Android or iPhone. New patients will need to register first.

If you have difficulty using the internet or smart phones, please ask a friend or family member to make your booking.
Our reception staff simply will not have the time to manually make bookings.

If you have exceptional circumstances that prevent you from making an electronic booking, or special needs that require attention, please make a phone appointment
and discuss these matters with your doctor.

All Covid-19 Vaccinations will be performed in dedicated vaccination appointments, and not opportunistically as part of routine consultations about other matters.

Appointment availability is based on our practice’s vaccine stock levels. We apologize in advance if appointments are temporarily unavailable from time to time due to lack of stock.

Eligibility and consent for Covid-19 Vaccines
Extensive information about eligibility, and the nature of the Covid-19 Vaccine are available from the Department of Health.

Covid-19 Vaccine - Still have questions?
If you still have questions / concerns after viewing the information from the Department of Health, please book a phone consultation with your doctor to discuss these matters.

On the day of your vaccination, your immunizer will double check your suitability for the vaccine before giving it to you.
There will not, however, be time for extended discussion and education. It is important, therefore, that you are confident to proceed before attending your booking.

Covid-19 Vaccine - Side effects
The Department of Health TGA states: "Vaccines, like any medication, can have side effects. Side effects are usually minor and temporary. Common ones include low-level fever and pain or redness where the injection was given. More information about each vaccine is provided in the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) leaflet, which you can find on our website at"

If you experience a serious or worrisome side effect (also known as an adverse event) to a COVID-19 vaccine, you should seek advice from a health professional.
If you think you may have adverse events / side effects, lodge a report online to the TGA

Checking / obtaining your immunization history
After receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, If you need a formal record of your immunization history, you may obtain your Immunization History Statement through

My Health Record, or alternatively through your Medicare account, through MyGov
The AIR or Medicare, and they can print out a summary and send it to you through the post. Postal delivery of the immunization history can take up to 14 days to arrive.

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