Laser Snoring Treatment

Feeling fatigued, snoring affecting your relationship or symptoms of sleep apnoea!! 

Laser Stop Snoring Treatment Can Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep;

Snoring is very common and can also be very frustrating for your partner. It can negatively affect relationships and studies have also shown that it could even increase the risk of stroke.

We offer a non-invasive, low risk, fast, painless, no downtime, no surgery treatment in our clinic for snoring called InLift using Cryomed Erb-Yag Laser. Studies show an improvement in 75-80% of treated patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Erbium:Yag laser (Cryomed) heats and damages the collagen in a controlled manner, causing the tissue to contract and tighten, which significantly decreases the severity of snoring and in some cases, stops it altogether for a period of time. Full results may take several (3-6) months after the treatment series to plateau, because it takes the body time to rebuild and regenerate the collagen. As our bodies continue to age, the skin’s collagen slowly degrades over time. This is why touch up laser treatments are recommended to maintain the best results. How many and how often touch-ups are required will vary greatly from person to person and depend on factors like age, genetics and lifestyle.

Who will benefit most from this treatment:
Healthy BMI (body weight) and a healthy lifestyle – No heavy alcohol consumption or smoking – No severe sleep apnea (disorder which interrupts breathing while sleeping)

The treatment does not require any anesthesia or numbing, takes less than 30 minutes and is painless for most people. Patients will feel a mild, warm, tingling sensation during the treatment and may experience a slightly dry throat or “tickle” in their throat for up to a few days post-treatment.

Treatment Protocol:
The protocol for snoring is 3 separate laser treatments, performed over a 10-12 weeks period. Touch up treatments may be required every few years.

No. Unlike surgical procedures, there is absolutely no recovery period following a laser treatment. You’ll be able to talk, eat, drink and even drive or exercise immediately after treatment.

There are no risks with this treatment as it simply stimulates the production of new collagen at the back of the throat via controlled and targeted heat. The only side effect some people experience is a mild sore throat, which goes away quickly after taking over-the-counter pain relief medication (such as paracetamol)or goes away by itself after one to three days.

No drugs, no needles, no downtime – is a very convenient procedure.

Before Treatment:
There is an initial 30-minute free assessment with a doctor where he will assess your symptoms & recommended some lifestyle changes depending on health and lifestyle which may reduce sleep neap.

During Treatment:
The treatment will take approximately 20 minutes. You do not need to prepare anything before the session but if you have been keeping a sleep diary or sleeping log then please bring this with you. You will feel only a mild heating sensation.

After treatment:
After the session, you can simply continue on with your day, including driving to work. There is no recovery time you simply walk in and out the same day.

Patients require three or sometimes four sessions on average to stop their sleep apnea completely depending on the severity of their condition. However, a follow up is required every two years .  

The price for one session if paid individually is $499. For three sessions paid together the cost is $1349

We also offer zipPay where you can sign up for an account. ZipPay allows you to apply for up to $1000 credit with no interest on payments, making sleep apnea laser treatments more affordable for everyone.

⇒ Clinically Proven, Safe, Non-Surgical Treatment.
⇒ Painless, quick, no downtime.
⇒ Latest advanced technology used
⇒ We provide honest advice with professional and friendly service.
⇒ Locally owned with competitive prices.
⇒ 80% Success Rate.
Zip pay available.

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LASER SNORING TREATMENT : $1349* (Includes 3 treatments)

ZIPPAY Available (5% addn cost for zip pay)

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