Billing Policy 2023

Billing Policy : Both our practices are part private billing.


Bulk billing consults are available for:
Children under 12 years of age, existing patients with HCC or pension card between 9-5pm Mon – Fri ( non urgent appointment slots only )
Covid & Flu vaccine appointments

Private out of pocket charges are applicable to all patients for :
Weekend appointments
New patients
Minor surgical Procedures, Skin checks, Dressings etc

PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO BE BULK BILLED and follow our practice policies.

We thank you for your understanding and aim to continue delivering a good quality standard of care.

Medicare Rebate information:
Patient Medicare rebate for general practice was frozen from 2014 until 2018 and the most recent increaseS are way below consumer price index. The costs of running our clinics continue to rise, and your Medicare Rebate now only represents approx. half of the full cost of your GP care. To keep our clinics running and offer you a good service, we have introduced charges & expect you to pay in full at the time of consult.  Please do not ask to be bulkbilled.
If you have any concerns regarding your Medicare Rebate it would be beneficial for everyone if you could please raise this with your local Federal Member of Parliament.